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What is Dark Matter?

"To use the expression "dark matter" is a play on words to emphasize the importance of having melanin present in the human body and to simultaneously compare melanin in the human body to the dark matter that exists in our galaxy...Just like the dark matter used in astronomical terms to describe the external universe, melanin is the dark matter of the internal universe (the human body)."

- T. Owens Moore

Charlotte's Newest Fashion Blogger

Neda B.

Dark Matter World teams up with Neda B, owner and operator of Fly So Fearless; the newest style blog showcasing quirky fashion pieces with fun pops of color. Looking for something new, this Florida native relocates to add some Jacksonville flair to the Queen City.


The Fly So Fearless CEO at the annual ITS LITT! light installation location in South End, Charlotte sporting our DM Linear TriColor Crewneck Pullover with our DM Sky Space Bandana in the matching multicolor way.